Favorite Spring/summer nailpolish


Hey guys! how are you guys doing? It’s a new week and  I hope you have a good week. As summer approaches I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite nail polish colors.

2017-05-13 101212561701..jpg


Bright color nail polish is a go-to for the summer. I love wearing red and yellow because you can’t go wrong with them in the summer. Red and yellow polish brightens your nails. They are colors that can be worn throw out the whole summer even during the fall.

2017-05-13 101984043541..jpg


Fifty shades of green.  Mint green, lime green, olive green, etc…Green is the color that can be worn all year long. I own a hunter green nail polish that I wear during the winter. It always looks great and it’s perfect for the season. Spring is here and summer will be here before you know it. These are a few  shades of green that I picked out. I thought the colors would look nice for the season and the weather.

2017-05-13 101625059292..jpg




Once upon a time, pink used to be my favorite color and that hasn’t changed.  Summer is the season for color . Therefore you can’t go wrong with pink. There are many shades of pink that can be worn all summer long. It’s bright and very pretty. The color reminds me of peonies and cherry blossom.  I hope I gave you all ideas on what colors you can wear during the months of spring and summer. Have a wonderful week and as always join me next time as I write or do things the Nita Style.

2017-05-13 101759098486..jpg

Do you guys have colors that you wear all summer long? Share it down below.

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