Monthly Favorites-May

Hey guys!! How was your week? It seems like the week flew by so quick. Its almost the end of the month so I decided to share some of my favorite products that I’ve been using  during the  month of may with you. I used some of these in April as well.


1. Darphin Paris eye makeup remover and cleansing foam gel .I particularly like the eye makeup remover because it takes everything off.

2.Clean and clear morning burst. I’ve been using this all month long. It’s a very nice product and just like it’s name my face feels very clean after I use it. It has yellow tiny beads that exfoliate and smells really nice.

3. Studio 35 beauty clay mask. Another facial product that I used this month. I’ve been using this for a while but took a break from it. I started using it again. It leaves my skin dry but l like that because I have oily skin.


4.Coconut oil. This is the only oil I’ve been using for the past month. Along with Shea Butter, it makes my hair so soft and moisturized.

5. Beautiful textures leave in conditioner and shampoo. When I chopped my hair off, I used this product all the time. After I learned about new products, I stopped using it. I went back to it this month after taking my hair out. The shampoo cleanses my scalp well and the leave in condition helps my hair stay moisturized. Also my hair styles comes out well.


6.  Your season room fragrance. This is like an air freshener, It gives the room a very fresh smell.

7. Avon moisture therapy hand cream. I get ashy all the time so I keep this in bag just in case my skin gets dry. It very moisturizing like all other hand lotion. This particular one is for healing and repair

8. Woman’s day magazine. I won this magazines subscription. I received my first issue this month and I have been loving it. It has awesome food recipes that I want to try.

Do you guys use any of these products? Let me know which ones.

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