Hey guys!!! How was your week?  Mine went very well and I’ll let you know why in a bit.

I didn’t know how hard it was to find professional looking clothes that look fashionable until Tuesday. See, I had a job interview at a clothing store. Since its a clothing store I felt I had to dress for the part. I didn’t want to wear  a black or navy blue suit since it wasn’t an interview for an office job. I tried on so many clothes and finally found the outfit I have on.

After hours of looking for clothes, I remembered I had this skirt. It a white pencil skirt with a triangle or diamond shape object on it. This skirt is from Ann Taylor(unfortunately, I couldn’t find a link to the skirt but I will keep looking for it). The colors on it were navy blue and pink.

After finding a skirt, the struggle to find a blouse began but fortunately I was able to find one. I found this white peplum top but I tucked it in since the skirt was a bit big. I decided to put on a blazer to complete the professional look.  I found this cute pink blazer with flower buttons.  This blazer had been in the closet for so long that I even forgot about it.  I guess desperate times call for desperate measures because I began to look for it.

Lets move on to the shoes. When going for an interview, you have to dress but not overdress.  I didn’t want to walk in with a hot pink  6 inch heel. Therefore, I wore a navy blue suede pumps/heels that was about 2-3 inch high to complete my outfit.

As for the jewelry, it was very simple. I wore these earrings I bought from forever 21 and a Betsey Johnson watch from Burlington.   Just in case you were wondering if I got the job since I went in like I was going to a fashion show. (LOL). YESS, I did get the job!!! I’m very happy about it. I’ll do a story time about the experience on a later blog post. Hope you guys enjoyed reading.

How do I look? Do you think I dressed appropriately for the interview? Yay or Nay?


Information on outfit:

Blouse(similar one): here

Blazer: (similar one): here

Shoes: here

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