10 Facts About Me

Hey loves!! Can you believe its been a month since I started this blog? I’ve been enjoying reading other people’s blog post and writing my own. I didn’t think I’ll last a month. Since it’s been a month I thought I should let you know a bit more about me. Here’s 10 facts about me. Hope you enjoy.


  1.  I love to read the bible
  2.  I love kpop( just incase you don’t know what that is, its korean music. To me kpop involves Korean music, dramas,food, etc..)
  3.  I’m a nursing student.
  4.  I am bilingual
  5. I’m learning korean. ( I’m not perfect at it but i can read)
  6.  I’m double jointed
  7.  I love soccer. (chealsea is my favorite team)
  8. I love reading poems
  9.  I ran track in highschool
  10. I enjoy watching Anime. My favorite one is Itazura na Kiss.


I wonder if we have anything in common. Let me know down below if we do. ☺☺

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