A day in my life (movie day)

I decided to do another day in my life post. Hope you guys enjoy reading.

Woke up at 7:30. I didn’t wake up early because I wanted to but it was because I thought I had an appointed. I called to confirm the appointment and it turned out that I didn’t have one.😑
At 9:00 am I turned my computer on to take of some school business. Checking email and calling offices. Signing paper work and stuff. Also, working on my blog

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

That took so long. I’m sure yall know about how how that goes. Around 10am I decide to make some breakfast. I ate pancake, scramble eggs, strawberry and a bottle of water.(it essential if I want clear skin).

Photo by Maria Mekht on Unsplash

I finished my breakfast. Around 12:00, I took a shower. After that I dressed up. (This includes doing my eyebrows and putting lipstick on).

I went to see the movie with my brothers.(they didn’t want me to take any pictures of them 😑). Around 1:00, we left the house to go the the train. Train came pretty quick.

We got to our stop in about 15 minutes. We then took the bus that will take us to our destination. That took about 40 mins.

We arrived at 2:00. We began to look for the theater. It’s a huge mall so it’s hard to find stuff. We got lost for a bit but my brother asked some lady at the bus stop and she told him where it was. We found it and decided to go buy the tickets. We found out the movie started at 3:30.(#superearly).

We decided to go eat first then come back to buy the tickets. We headed to burger king.(I’m not a huge fan of their food). Their regular sandwiches are $8:00 😑😑(I bought the junior ones).

We finished eating at like 3:10. We walked back to the movie theater. There was a long line but since I was getting my tickets from the machine, I didn’t need to wait (who ever invented that is awesome).


We got the tickets headed to the room. The chairs were so nice. We were able to adjust it.


The movie started at 4 pm after all the trailers of other movies. We finished at 6 pm. We went to watch Spider-Man. It was such a good movie. So much humor in it.

We went to get the bus to the train station. We arrived home at like 7:30pm. Rested for 30 minutes ,then I had to help my mom cook. Finished cooking around 11 then I went to sleep. That was my day this past Wednesday.(07/29/17).

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