It’s finally Friday!! While many of you are Jubilating, I’m here depressed because I have work tomorrow.  I will be writing something totally different from what I usually write on here. Today, I will be doing a story time. The time I….

Waiting to see whether you got into nursing school can be very stressful. Especially if your school has a very competitive program and everyone who applied has a 4.0 GPA.   This was me a year ago when I was waiting for my acceptance letter to the nursing program. I had worked so hard to get good grades and even passed the entrance exam with a good score but I was still scared.  Every year, my school sends the letters towards the end of June. Therefore,  if you  don’t get anything by the end of June then its official that you didn’t get accepted. Starting June 20th, I woke up everyday anxious wondering if I got in the program. I think I sent an email to every staff at the nursing department. I sent a text to everyone I knew who had applied to the nursing program. I even joined an online site where students from my school will tell us if they got in or if they were  still waiting. I couldn’t even sleep or eat. I lost so much weight just waiting. The crazy thing was that,  my brothers were graduating that week . I couldn’t even be fully happy. My physical being was there at their graduations but my mind was somewhere else. A couple of days after the graduation  on June 25th , some of my friends sent me a text saying that they got into the program. I was happy for them but  I got more and more anxious because I hadn’t gotten anything.

I convinced myself that they were going by last names and since my last name was at the end, they probably had not gotten to me yet. That excuse made me feel better for about a day. After that I was back to my anxious mode. I tried to do everything to get my mind off it but nothing in this world could take my mind off it. I checked my email every second of the day but there was nothing but spam. I got upset every time I received a spam email. Its June 26th and still nothing. June, 27th and 28th has passed and still nothing. At that moment, I had given up. I even turned my phone off and refused to  check my email.  On June 29th, I had decided to stop stressing about it and forget about it. The morning had passed and it was midday already.   Though I gave up, deep down inside I was still waiting. ( I had a tiny bit hope left in my system). Time is extremely slow when you are waiting for something.  I then decided to check  my email one more time. My heart was beating so fast as I was about to check. The last time I got that nervous was when I had to present in a lecture hall. I clicked my inbox and there was still nothing.  I was disappointed; I was a minute away from crying.( I barely cry).  I decided to check my junk mail and THERE IT WAS; the letter I had been waiting for. It was unbelievable that I kept refreshing the page to make sure I wasn’t seeing stuff. I prayed and thanked God, then I called my mom. I was so shock that I began to cry. I couldn’t tell my mom I got in because I was so filled with many emotions.

This was the time I was waiting for my acceptance letter to the nursing program. A lot has happened since then.  I will share my experiences with you guys on a later post. Thanks for reading.


– NitaStyle


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