Pongsri Thai

A week ago, I met up with my friends to catch up. It had been about a year since we all met to hang out. We were thinking about going to the cheesecake factory but didn’t. One of my friends recommended a Thai restaurant. It called Pongsri Thai restaurant. It’s a small restaurant located at 244 W 48th St, New York, NY 10036.

The moment we got there, they gave us a table. The staff were very friendly yet professional. One thing I loved about this restaurant was that the staff were all wearing a cultural or traditional Thai shirts. They were all in different colors.

There was a variety of authentic Thai food on the menu. I really appreciated that because that gave me many options to pick from.



The food my friend and I ate the are the circled ones on the menu above. The food was very delicious and affordable.

First, my friend ordered an appetizer. she said she had tried  it before and it was amazing.  The appetizer we got  was called Thai Bamboo Shrimp; its a deep fried shrimp wraps in a roll pastry. It was served with Thai dipping sauce. it was very crunchy on the outside but the inner part was chewy. The inside of the shrimp was well seasoned.


I ordered noodles. Since I wasn’t familiar with Thai food, I  got noodles. You can never go wrong with noodles. The noodles I ordered was called Pad Thai. This a stir fried thin rice noodle with egg, chopped peanuts and bean sprout. It was very sweet and soft. My taste buds had to get use to the peanut flavor in it. after a couple bites, I fell in love.  I ordered the Chicken Pad Thai and my friend Ordered the Beef Pad Thai. The only difference between the taste was the meat in it. I didn’t even finish it since the they served large portions.


My other friend ordered one of their curries and fried rice.She ordered Shrimp Thai Red Curry. This was red curry with bamboo shoots,bell pepper and coconut milk with shrimp.  I asked her to describe the taste and she said, ” It was succulent, it reminded me of Ghana groundnut soup( Ghanaian dish). The shrimp was juicy and well seasoned. The Thai fried had basil in it. It was AMAZING”.


Another one one my friends ordered Bamee Red Curry. This is steamed egg noodles topped with peanut sauce, broccoli, and carrot. I tasted it and it was very spicy.  My friend gave a similar description to the shrimp Thai curry. she also said said the sauce tasted like Groundnut soup.


As for drinks, we didn’t get anything special. Some of us got ginger ale, one got water and the other got virgin Shirley Temple.



If you are New York and you are looking for a nice but affordable restaurant then I will recommend Pongsri. Hope you enjoyed reading.

Let me know if you would go there. what are your favorite restaurants in your city?




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