15 Things you need in nursing school

I know i am late but still thought i should share it. When i was a kid, i always loved back to school shopping. my mom would take me to staples and i got to pick up things i needed.  It was always exciting. Even though i don’t want to go back to school, the excitement of back to school shopping is still there. In this post, I will talk about school supplies but specifically for nursing school. I’ll give you the list of things you need for nursing school. This include what i got for for the semester.

1.  Textbooks: these are a must for nursing school. You need to read them in order to understand different concepts. If you can’t buy it, rent it from somewhere. Cheggs is a very good site to rent textbooks from. You can also ask around for PDF of the books as well.( many upper classmates will be happy to give)


2. Stethoscope: This is a requirement for all nursing student. Its needed during clinical. I bought mine from Amazon. Buy any brand that you like, unless your school tells you to buy from a specific brand. I got the Littman 3m in raspberry.



3. Pen light: This is also a requirement in nursing school. Its needed for assessment. i got mine from my school’s book store. i ordered one from amazon and they were horrible. if you plan on getting one online, read the reviews.


4. Bandage scissors: I got mine from Amazon. Honestly speaking, i never really used it but I guess I will eventually.


5. Sphygmomanometer: If you are a nursing student, i’m sure you already know what this is. For those who are not, this is a blood pressure cuff. its advisable to get it so you can practice taking Blood pressure manually.


6. Nursing watch: This is very handy when you go to your clinical setting. when counting respiration’s, you can use it.


7. Scrubs: Every nursing student wears scrubs to clinical. If your school have a specific scrub then you buy it. If not, then you can stop by the uniform store and pick up a few.


8. Nursing shoes:  Some schools requires a traditional nursing shoes and some others allow you to wear sneakers. Whatever your school policy is, make sure to get comfortable ones. you will be in clinical for 12 hours so you definitely want to be comfortable.


9. Badge holder: This is to put your ID in.

10. Backpack: Before is started nursing school, i did research and people told me to get a backpack with wheels. When i started school, i realize that its optional. if you bring all your textbooks with you then perhaps you can consider. if not, then you can wear a regular backpack.

11. Planner: This is very useful because you put down all the important days on your calendar. you can plan when to study. i’m still trying to get used to mine. i bought  a happy planner from amazon for about 25 dollars. you can get a simple one from the dollar store.



12. Highlighter: This is for people who loves to highlight. (i don’t think i need to explain how to use it)


13. Sticky notes: i love my sticky notes. i write summaries on them and stick it in my textbook. when its exam time, i don’t have to read everything all over again.


14. Mini notepad: Its recommended for clinical. you can write down the vitals of your patient in it. Also you can jot down the wonderful things you learn during your time at clinical. Get one from dollar tree.

15. Nursing school buddies: One thing i learned throughout this journey is that nursing school is a collaborative work. You can’t go through it alone. I’m not saying to be friends with everyone but find people who wants you to succeed and study with them.

I know every started school already. I hope this will be helpful to all nursing students and those preparing to start nursing school soon.

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