Product Review: St Ives

Everyone hates acne. We try to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Some products are great and some are not. It all depends on your skin. Some people have sensitive skin so they can’t use certain products. I found out I had sensitive skin over the summer when I used a garnier product. It made me break out like crazy. I tried a lot of things but it didn’t work. I decided to go back to the product I used to use before the garnier.



I bought the green tea scrub from St Ives. It’s very affordable; I bought mine for 6 dollars. You can find it at a local drug store or a beauty supply store.

2017-10-15 041333985776..jpg


I use it every morning when I wake and in the evening when I am going to sleep. Sometimes I forget to use it in the night time. It can be used for about 3 times a day. I recommend starting slow then increasing the usage depending on how your skin reacts to it. St Ives have different kinds of scrubs. I used the oatmeal and apricot scrub before. It was very good. It left your face very fresh and clean. The green tea scrub has been working for me for the past month. I’m going to be sticking with it for a long time.

Do you guys use any of the St Ives products? Which one is your favorite?

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