My favorite season is finally here. When season changes, the things we wear changes as well. I’ll share with you guys some nail polish I wear for the fall.


  1. Hunter green polish. Green is a color that you can never go wrong with in all seasons. Hunter green though is a perfect fall color. its not too bright. This particular one I have is by Mary Kay.

2017-10-17 081686453826..jpg

2.The Elf nail polish was gift I received a while ago. its a nude pinkish color. I wear is through out the year as well. Nude is fine for each season

2017-10-17 081136331882..jpg3. Fuchsia and royal purple polish are colors that I love to wear in the fall.

2017-10-17 081182625180..jpg

4. Blue is another color I absolutely love when its fall. There are different shades of blue and the one i like to wear is night blue. This particular nail polish has sparkles that makes it look like stars in the night sky.

2017-10-17 0838994882..jpg

These are a few nail polish that i wear for the fall. what are some of you favorite color for the fall?

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