My fitness routine

Exercising is really difficult. I started a routine at the beginning of the year but wasn’t able to keep it up. Once you stop, it’s hard to get back to it. Walking up the stairs made me so tired. My muscles were stiff and were not in use. Recently I made it a goal to get fit. I don’t have time to go to the gym so I work out at home. There are about two apps that assist me in doing so.

1. Samsung health app. This app comes with most Samsung phones.


It helps track how many steps you take in a day. How much water you drink during the day and how many hours of sleep you get.


When they updated the app, they gave an option where you can challenge your friends to exercise. This really motivates me.


I have challenged my friend to take 122586 steps and right now I’m losing.😂😂 she walks too much.

2. 7 fit app. This is available at play store. It might be available at app store. This app is awesome. It’s gives you many options on what you want to do.


It gives you different sets of exercises for 7 minute. It’s has workout for abs, butt, and it gives you stretching exercises.


It gives an option to start a challenge for yourself. Each day it gives you different exercises. You get awards when you are active for a certain time.


Eating right is also part of my fitness routine. I’ve been trying to have a balanced diet. Have some protein, veggies and carbs as part of my diet. I eat whole wheat bread and oatmeal for breakfast at times. At times pancake and eggs. I want to start making smoothies for the days I can’t eat a full meal. Drinking lots of water is also very good. It helps clear the skin and keep the body hydrated. My goal is is to drink 72 fl oz of water or 9 cups of water everyday.

carissa-gan-66379 (1)


Hope you guys found this post useful. Let me know what you guys do to stay fit.

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