My Travel Bucket List

Traveling is something that i have always wanted to do. I haven’t done it because I don’t currently have the time and I can’t afford it. I made a list of Ten places I would like to go in the future.

1.Ghana– This is where i’m from. I have not been back there since I moved to the states. I want to definitely go and see some family and friends. I also want see how it has changed for the past couple of years.



2. Portugal: My friend and I want to travel. She is learning Portuguese so I thought it would be nice to travel there together.


3. South Africa– It’s that African country that most people want to visit. Lets just say after I watched Trevor Noah, I wanted to go explore 😉😉.

kevin-bessat-3957444. Dubai-Who doesn’t want to visit Dubai. Its not a country but its a very beautiful city and stuff are very cheap compared to where I live. I can buy many things with a couple of dollars. Perhaps it would be my chance to ride a camel.


South Korea – 4 years ago, a friend introduced me to k -pop. I began to love South Korean music, drama, people,food… etc. I even started learning the language. I am not fluent or anything. I can introduce myself and say a few more terms. I want to visit different places in Korea. Eat authentic Korean food, not the one I get from h-mart.


brady-bellini-480816. England– I hear the weather there is more bi-polar than in New York. I would like to see for myself. On a serious note, I have some family over there as well so it would be nice to visit them.


Finland: This is a very cold country and I don’t really like the cold. However, I know people there and they invited me to come visit. I can’t turn down free accommodation.


Greece: I want to go to Santorini. It looks so beautiful in pictures and on television.


France: I want to visit Paris,The city of love. I used to think that people actually fell in love there. I just want to shop and take a picture at the Eiffel Tower.


Italy: This is also a place my friend and I are planning to visit. Its on our bucket list. Hopefully, we get a chance to do so in the future.


 Japan: If you are an anime lover like me then you probably want to visit as well. Japan is very beautiful and they have such an amazing culture.


It was hard to cut it down to 10 because there are many places I want to travel to. Maybe I will do another 10 travel list later.

What are some places you want to visit and why?

PS: All these amazing photos were taking off . If you want free photos for your blog then that is the place to go.

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