If you are a fan of organization and planning then this post is for you. The pages in my old planner finished. It was a 18 month planner from me and my big ideas. I went to Target and got myself a new planner. I bought it for $11. This  Planner is called Day Designer.  It comes in different sizes but I got a small size because I will like to carry it around with me.


As shown in the picture, it a navy blue and white stripe cover. one thing I love about this planner is that it has a clear cover pocket to insert my own pictures.


Like many other planners, it has page for you to write your personal information. Things like your name, email and phone numbers.



They give you a yearly view of the current year and the following year. I this case, it is 2018 and 2019. It then goes on to give two pages of stickers which I appreciate. I had to buy sticker for all my previous planners. This planner  also comes with a ruler.


This planner comes with a storage folder. you can store some receipts and cards.


You then get this story page. Whitey(the creator) gives you a little background story behind the planner. it really nice and sweet.




Another section of the planner I love is the goals section. You get a page to write down your goals.  it gives you space to write down the date goal was accomplished. it gives you space to design your days and even write important days such as anniversaries and appointment.





This is the monthly view


It gives you lines you can write on in the boxes. it will help the calendar look neat and organize. The planner has a little to do list for the month. it also displays the previous month and the following month view that lower left bottom.


This is the a week at a glance. another thing I like about this planner is it gives you space to write the top most important actives of the week. It also gives you to do list.


It also gives you a list of all the holidays during the year. Personally don’t really care or this page. Some people might like it though.


This is the last page of the planner. I think this planner is very well made. if you are looking for a simple planner to help you stay organize  and plan your day to day activities then this is  a good planner. Let me know if you guys want me to do a review on the happy planner by me and my big ideas.

Do you guys use any other planners? If you do let me know in the comments.


Planner can be found



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