How to smell good on a budget

We all love to smell good. Some people like to invest in expensive perfumes and body creams. There is nothing wrong with that. However, if you are a full time student like I am or don’t have a job  then, you don’t have money for all those expensive products. what if I told you can still smell lovely without breaking the bank?


2017-12-31 102136066846..jpg

Avon products are the way to go products if you are looking  affordable products.  Some of you are probably wondering what Avon is. Avon is a company that sells products from the beauty category, personal care, jewelries to home goods. Avon sells amazing perfumes. Their perfumes smells expensive. The perfumes are affordable and they last for a good amount of  time. I will be sharing 3 of my favorite affordable perfumes from Avon.


  1. Haiku. I know what you are thinking about.  The short Japanese poem we learn in English class.  You are not alone because that is what I thought about when I first read the name. It comes in such a cute packaging. it is green and it has a Japanese writing on it. I love the perfume bottle. it is shaped like a traditional Japanese house. It smell delightful. it has a natural, fresh scent to it. It smells like like Spring. everything time I wear this perfume, people ask me where I bought it from. The awesome thing is that  I bought it for $12.

2. ODYSSEY. This is another one of Avon’s perfume with a poem name. I began to think that the person who comes up with names likes poems. It’s name gives it a strong smell. Although it has a clean smell as well, the scent of this fragrance is totally different from the first one. It is very subtle but it last long. This was also $12.

3. SWET HONESTY. The name of the perfume tells you what you need to know. My third favorite perfume from Avon. It smells like baby powder. If you are one of those people who love baby powder then this is for you.

I really hope this was helpful to you all. Have you guys uses any of these before?


You can find all these perfumes here: AVON.COM

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