Hey guys,

I am going  to try to keep this post as quick as possible. I received some goodies from PINCH ME ,  and I wanted to share it with you guys. Some of you might not know what pinch me is.  Therefore, I will explain.

This post is not sponsored by pinch me. I received my free box and decided to write about it. (Just incase you were wondering.)

What is Pinch me?

It is a free sample program that send you free samples from a lot of different companies. They send products from food companies to make-up companies.

How do you get free samples?

You answer a series of questions about yourself so that they get to know what you like. This way, they can offer  you with samples that you will like.  Every month they give samples so make sure to check your email for when they have samples. On sample day, you get to pick the samples they have available for you. They will then send it to you by mail. After receiving your box, they want you take a picture of your box and the sample and post it on your social media. So on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter then you tag them. You will  then try the product you received and take a quick survey on their site about the products. ( I haven’t done that yet.)

It took like a month for my box to get here. This is my first trying it so I thought it wouldn’t come but it did.

2018-01-14 111761306258..jpgThis is the box my samples came in. It has their website and their logo on the front of the box.

2018-01-14 112014056939..jpg

Here is a picture I took with the box and samples for my Instagram.

2018-01-14 111358850652..jpg

I received this protein bar from RX bar. I started working out so this should he handy. I can’t wait to try it. If I like it, I will then buy more.

2018-01-14 11910238115..jpg

Another sample I got was a hair mask. I have never heard  about this brand before but that’s what makes samples awesome. You get to try things you’ve never tried before.

2018-01-14 11526344519..jpg

They sent me this foundation from Make up forever. I heard it is a very good brand so I am happy. The only problem is that I didn’t get to pick the my shde.  I am not sure if it will be my shade.

2018-01-14 11713058381..jpg

I got this granola bar from Kashi. I never tried their granola bar either. I love granola bars, I usually buy the ones by nature valley. There’s nothing wrong with trying something new though.

This is all I recieved from them this from the December samples. The only unfortunate thing about pinch me is that, its only available in a few countries. I believe the United States and Canada. (I am not sure but will update you guys when I find out).


I hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful. I hope that you guys try it. It was supposed to be a short post but I failed in doing so. Hope you guys stop by next time to read anohter post of mine.



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