Nursing School Chronicles

I can’t believe school is starting soon. My month break is coming to an end. Stress will begin again. I realized that I don’t talk about school on here a whole lot. Let me explain. I created my blog as a way to get away from school stress. I didn’t want to speak about everything that happened in school because that will cause me extra anxiety. However, I thought maybe I can share with you guys my experiences. Perhaps it could be helpful to some of you. I am by no means an expert of nursing school but i can give nursing school advice based on my experiences. Perhaps I can even share with you guys the process of getting into nursing school.

So I decided to start a segment on the blog called Nursing School Chronicles.  I will be sharing my experiences in school with you guys. However, it would be mostly related to nursing school. I’m sure it will be me venting most of the times (hope you guys don’t mind). I get to document my journey through out school.

Where can I find these posts on your blog?

Once you are on my blog, put your mouse on lifestyle tab. A drop down menu will pop up and it will say nursing school. Click on it and you will discover all my nursing school blog posts at one place.


When will you post?

As of now, I am not sure. I can’t promises anything but I will try to be consistent as possible.  Nursing school is very stressful and takes over most of my time. It will be difficult to write all the time. Therefore,  I will probably write my nursing school chronicles once or twice a month. Don’t get surprised if you see more post though, that will mean I got some extra time and decided to use it wisely.

I hope you guys are looking forward to this. I know I am.  For all the nursing school students, you guys can ask me all the nursing school questions you have. If you are not in nursing school that’s okay. You too can ask me any questions. I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.


Has anybody started school yet? If you did, how is the semester going? If you didn’t, are you ready for the new semester?




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