I am nervous but very excited. i still can’t believe i am doing this blog challenge.


QUESTION:  Meaning behind blog name?

This is a very good question. Before i started my blog, finding a name was a struggle. I came up with a lot of them. I sent the list to my friends and asked them for their opinions. They all gave me their thoughts and now the decision was in my hand. I wanted something simple, memorable and most of all, something that was me. My blog name is very simple. It’s not anything fancy.  It is not French or Greek.



Nita came from my first name, which is Sanita. My friends call me by that name sometimes. So i can say it’s my nick name.


Style: The meaning of style is a manner in doing something. I had two things in mind when I thought about style. 1. Style in a fashion sense. I will be showing you guys my personal style, my fashion sense.   2. My manner in doing things. So on this blog, I would be doing things my way. Although I might get ideas from other people, I try to put my own twist to it. Do things my way.

I hope that i made sense.  NITA STYLE is a combination of my nickname and a word used to describe my manner of doing things.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. I will be answering another question tomorrow. Stop by tomorrow and lend me a couple of minutes of your time.





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