30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 2

Hey loves,

Today is day 2 of the blog challenge.



This is a hard question to answer. It feel like I edited my memory so I have to reset to bring back childhood memories. I think I remembered one though. I believe I was 4 or 5 at the time. This was way back in Ghana. It is not the happiest memory but I still want to share.

My Grandpa  was sick at the hospital and I have not seen him at home for a very long time. He was going though treatments for the disease he had.  When we visited him in the hospital, he told me he would be coming home soon. I was really happy so when I went home I told everyone about it. The next day when my grandmother went to the hospital, they told her that he had died due to complications from surgery. When she got home and told me, I started celebrating. I don’t think I understood what death was. I really don’t know why I was happy. I might have thought it was a good thing and it meant that he got better or something.  I remember everyone telling me to stop.  When he did not come home, I always wondered where he was and what was taking so long.

When I learned what death meant, I realize why the family wanted me to stop celebrating and why he never came home.  I guess sometimes ignorance is bliss. When I didn’t know, I wasn’t sad.  When I found out, it made me sad that he was gone. The only thing I had was my memories with him which wasn’t much. I really do envy people with grandfathers. I never got to bond with mine as I grew up. Cherish your love ones while they are alive.


I didn’t mean to make any one depressed. just wanted to be honest. Hope you enjoyed reading. Stop by again tomorrow as I answer another question. I promise, it won’t be depressing  or sad.

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