30 Day blog challenge- Day 6

Question: what are your phobias and fears?

I have not met a person in this world with no fears.  It might be big or small but i believe everyone has a phobia. I think many people have the same phobias that i have. I will tell you guys two things I am afraid of.

  1. Aqua phobia: this phobia involves a level of fear of water. people with this type of phobia might be afraid of ocean water, river water, even bathtub water (i don’t think this is common). so I am afraid of water. Of course not the water I drink or bathe in. I have a fear of ocean water. I can’t swim so I’m afraid that I will drown. I wouldn’t go to the water if i go to the beach. My friends convinced me to go inside. I managed to go but not too far in so i guess i can say I’m working on getting over this fear.
  2. Acrophobia:  This is the fear of heights.  I can’t stand up from a tall building. I will probably faint. Even when I’m on the train, I can’t look down from. I also can’t look down from the train station platform.  I can never go bungee jumping or sky diving. I will die before I land .

These are my two min fears. I really want to get over the first on so i can learn how to swim or enjoy the beach fully. DO you guys have any of these fears?

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