30 day blog challenge- day 7

Question: what are your favorite meals?

I am so happy it asks about meals not a meal. Its very difficult to pick a favorite type of food. When i get asked this question, i usually tell people that I eat everything fine.i don’t have a favorite food. I have different types of food that I enjoy eating. Lets start with Ghanaian dishes.(in case you didn’t know, I am from Ghana)

1. Banku with pepper &fried fish

This is a Ghanaian dish. It’s fermented corn mill made into a dough. We can eat with okro soup, stew or with pepper. You grind peppers with onions and tomatoes. Sprinkle a little salt in the mix. Then we eat it with fried fish. Usually tilapia.

2. Waakye

This is another Ghanaian dish. This is basically rice mixed with beans. We eat it with stew, gari( grounded cassava root), spaghetti and fish. People can eat it with anything they want.

3.Kimchi fried rice

This is the first korean food I tried. Kimchi is salted and fermented napa cabbage alongside with other vegetables. It’s basically spicy cabbage. It is added to rice to make fried rice. The finish touch ad fried egg. It’s so delicious


I don’t think I need to explain what spaghetti is. Pasta with tomato sauce. It’s very self explanatory.

5. Mac &cheese

Last but not least Mac and cheese. My love for this food is on another level. I would say that this is an American dish. Macaroni mixed with different types on cheese and milk. I like mine baked. I eat it with chicken. Delicioso!

I didn’t want to have a long list of favorite meals. I cut it down to The five I love.

What are your favorite foods?

All these photos were found on Pinterest.

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