30 day blog challenge day 30

Happy Friday!!!!

We made it to the 30th day of the blog challenge. This was fun but very challenging. At some point, I didn’t think I could finish.

Question : what have you learned through this challenge?

I learned a lot about my own self. It took me back to the past. I was able to draw some happy memories and sad memories that has impacted my life in some way. I learned what it means to be patient and strive to achieve a goal. I really didn’t think I would finish this challenge. It got to a time when I was very exhausted while writing. School got busy and I was tired. However, I kept telling myself that I made a promise to myself and my followers that I was going to do this. Some of the sincere comments I received really motivated me to continue on. I have realized my blog goals. I will be working hard in achieving them little by little.

I hope you guys enjoyed this challenge. I hope that you got to know me a bit more from this challenge. I tag anyone who wants to take this challenge to do it. It is fun. I won’t be posting anything for about a week because I have exams coming up that I have to study for. Talk to you guys later.

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