Its Makeover time!!

It’s time for a makeover!!!! So I wear makeup occasionally and I usually do it myself. Well on this day, I got my makeup done professionally.

We started off with my plain face. I’ve been trying to clear my face for a while now. I’ve been trying a lot of different products. Some works and some doesn’t. I will do a post about the products.

My eyebrows and eyeshadow was then done. This is the first time that I had perfect eyebrows. When I do them, they look crooked. My foundation was then applied. Can you guys believe how great the foundation fits my face? It was a combination of black opal and black radiance.

I usually use becca or maybelline but I’m in love with this foundation.

Yes, I am wearing lashes. First time in my whole life. At first it felt like butterflies on my eyes. As time went by, I got used to it. I did like them. They made my eyes pop a lot more.

Lipstick was then applied. The look was then completed.

I was in love with this look. My highlight was so bright that it could make you blind.

So what do you guys think?

You guys are probably wondering who the makeup artist is. It was done by one of my twin friends. They are aspiring makeup artist. If you are in the New York City area, they will be able to do your makeup for affordable price. I will leave their Instagram handle down below. Please follow them.

MUA: Liya & Teeya

10 thoughts on “Its Makeover time!!

    1. They did such a good job with the lashes. I can’t do it on my own either. I will end up plucking out my own lashes.


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