Product review: Palmer skin success

If you have been a reader of my blog for a while then you know that I had crazy acne last year. I tried everything to clear it and nothing seemed to work. I went back to using St Ives face scrub. It was doing alright but it wasn’t clearing the dark spots I had on my face. About a month ago, I decided to buy a new product to help fight the new acne and the dark spots on my face. Of course before I buy anything, I do research on it. I watched some reviews about the product and decided to buy it. I bought the Palmer’s Skin Success line. I bought 3 products from them. When it comes to the pricing, it was very affordable. All the three products were about $15 without shipping.

  1. Anti Acne Complexion Bar

I used this bar for about a week and a half. When I first started using this product, I thought it was great. I felt a little sting on my face after washing it off so I told myself it was getting the job done. My face felt very dry after using this product. Since I have oily skin, It didn’t bother me. However, I didn’t see any improvement on my face but I convinced myself that like every product, it takes time to work. Well that was a wrong idea. After about 5 days of using this product I noticed some acne of my neck and some small spots on my face.

2. Facial Astringent

I have used this product before. I used it about 2 or 3 years ago and it worked just fine. At that time I used it along with some other products I had then. This time, I used this alongside with the complexion bar. I used this facial astringent as a toner after washing my face. It took of the excess dirt on my face which I really liked.

3. Anti Dark Spot Fade Cream

I convinced myself that this will get rid of all the dark spots on my face in 2 days. I am sad to say that I was disappointed. I was being delusional for even thinking that. I applied this after using the facial astringent. Palmers have two of this cream. One for people with oily skin and another for people with dry skin. The one that I bought was for people with oily skin. It left my face feeling very moisturized. With these three products altogether, I really thought that my skin would feel like a baby’s in a week. The opposite happened. I was stuck with spots like a strawberry (more like bumps).

So the palmer’s skin success line didn’t work for me. I don’t know why my face or skin reacted to the products the way it did. I am starting to realize that I have a sensitive skin and need to be careful on what I put on my face. Ever since last year, my face has been having a bad reaction to many products. I hope this was helpful, if you are looking to buy any of these products. Make sure you do research and pay attention to your skin when you begin using a new product. I am still looking for a product to use for my acne. I have oily and sensitive skin. Leave me your recommendations in the comments.

Have you used this product before? if you had, did it work?

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