Yellow on Melanin

I have not written a fashion post in so long. This is long overdue. These pictures are even on my Instagram.

These were taken on one nice summer Sunday. This is one of my favorite dresses . It looks very flattering on me.

The color is one of the reasons why I love this dress. Lately, yellow has become the talk of the town.(It sounds weird in my head but I think that’s correct). This color really makes my skin pop which is why i love it. I was never a huge fun of the color until i began to see it a lot on social media.

At this point, if I tell you where I got the dress from, you won’t be surprised. This is a knit dress from . Not only can this dress be worn in the summer, I think it can be worn during autumn as well. The color is not too bright for autumn because it’s mustard. It’s a color that can be worn throughout the year.

Paired this up with some very simple black heels. My favorite black shoe on my shoe rack. I’ve been obsessed with block heels a lot lately.

I wore my black Michael Kors bag to match my shoe.


Would you wear this dress? how would you style it?

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