Straight out of Paris

Did I tell you guys that fall is one of my favorite seasons? The weather is usually just right. It’s not too cold or too hot. However, the weather has been acting funny. It went from hot to cold the next day. It even got me sick. Although I’m currently recovering from a cold due to the sudden change of weather, I still had to look cute. I also finally got a chance to take out my fall clothes.

In this look, I wanted to go for a Parisian Style. Can you tell?  Since we are in fall, I pulled out my reds and blacks because you can’t go wrong with those.

I wore my red wrap skirt which I thrifted from Brooklyn a couple of years ago. Although I am not sure of the material, I believe that it’s wool.  I then paired it up with a black lace turtle neck. Would you believe me if I told you I had this turtle neck since high school? It used to be a bit bigger on me but now it fits perfectly.

It was freezing that day so I decided to put on a shrug. It wouldn’t be a Parisian style without a beret. Fortunately, I had a beret that matched with my skirt. I then completed this outfit with my black block heels.


I want to go to Paris one day but until then this is how close I can get.

Most of these clothes were bought a couple of years ago so  I couldn’t find the direct link.


SKIRT: Similar Here

TURTLE NECK: Similar here

SHOES: Similar Here

BERET: Similar Here

SHRUG: Similar Here

Do you guys like fall?  if you do, what about fall do you like?

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