If you are a fun of organization and planning then this post is for you. The pages in my old planner finished. It was a 18 month planner from me and my big ideas. I went to Target and got myself a new planner. I bought it for $11. This Planner is called Day Designer.









Target Haul

I love going to Target. Especially at the school supplies section. It makes me want to stay organized. Recently I went to Target and I wanted to share what I got with you all. I got all these for very good deals. I bought a new planner. I love the way it looked. The




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I can’t believe its a new year already. 2017 went by so quickly. I know many people make resolutions when we enter a new year and fails to follow them. This is because at times, they loose motivation and a lot of these goals are unrealistic.




7 Things To Do In The Fall

Who loves the fall? Fall is one of my favorite season. The leaves change colors, the weather gets cooler and I get to wear all my favorite sweaters. Sometimes we feel that since summer its over, all activities comes to an end. Well that’s not true because there are so many things to




My Travel Bucket List

Traveling is something that i have always wanted to do. I haven’t done it because I don’t currently have the time and I can’t afford it. I made a list of Ten places I would like to go in the future.





My Fitness Routine

Exercising is really difficult. I started a routine at the beginning of the year but wasn’t able to keep it up. Once you stop, it’s hard to get back to it. Walking up the stairs made me so tired. My muscles were stiff and were not in use. Recently I made it a goal




Pongsri Thai

A week ago, I met up with my friends to catch up. It had been about a year since we all met to hang out. We were thinking about going to the cheesecake factory but didn’t. One of my friends recommended a Thai restaurant. It called Pongsri Thai restaurant. It’s a small restaurant located ..





A Day in My Life (Movie Day)

I decided to do another day in my life post. Hope you guys enjoy reading. Woke up at 7:30. I didn’t wake up early because I wanted to but it was because I thought I had an appointed. I called to confirm the appointment and it turned out that I didn’t have one.








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A Day in My Life in Pictures

Hey guys!! I feel like I’ve been away for a long time even though its been only a week. Hope you guys are doing well.  Today I wanted to try something different. I wanted to share a day in my life. This was my day on Thursday May 11th. I woke up around 6:30 in….